Today the redesign of went live for the world to see. A project myself and the entire web team in both California and New York have been working on for months. Long summer days that turned into nights, filled with pizza, pixels and code.

I won’t bore you with a rundown of every change we’ve made to the website, but I hope you’ll notice some of the care that went into making it cleaner, faster and most importantly friendlier.

There’s something that seems very poetic for me to see Steve Jobs, who stepped down as CEO of Apple yesterday, as the feature story on the first day of the redesigned website. Steve, the designers, the developers, the entire Apple company and their products have been such an inspiration to me, for what feels like my entire life.

The wonderful thing about any project on the web is that the work is never done. We still have a lot planned for the site. Visitors will see some of these additions rolled out over the next few weeks and months.

So if you have a few spare moments, visit my latest creation at Who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired to set out on your own as an entrepreneur and change the world, like Steve Jobs.

Check out the before and after screenshots below.

Before redesign: after redesign

After redesign: after redesign